Top Landscaping Ideas For Small Back Yards

The back yard is the perfect place to entertain or just enjoy spending time outdoors in relative privacy. Even small yards can be made more appealing and more functional with the right landscaping features. The following are some of the top ideas for improving a backyard landscape.

Add A Water Feature

The sight and sound of running water add a wonderful sense of tranquility to an outdoor space. A small pond can serve as a habitat for fish, frogs, and decorative plants. If space is limited, a buried fountain is a water feature that works well in a very small area. Some other ideas include ponds with waterfalls and DIY fountains made from tiered pots or other household items.

Plant A Vegetable Garden

It's very satisfying to harvest food from a backyard garden, and almost any homeowner can have one. One of the best ways to maximize growing space is to plant a garden in a raised bed. Since the gardener can reach all the plants from outside the bed, vegetables can be planted very close together, leaving no room for weeds to grow. If the back yard doesn't have space for a raised bed, consider planting vegetables in pots.

Build A Path

Building a path with decorative paving stones is a great way to protect the lawn and create an interesting landscape feature. A path tells people where to walk from point A to point B - and where not to walk. Building a path is one of the simplest DIY projects, and there are many colors, sizes, shapes, and styles of paving stones to choose from.

Install A Garden Trellis

A Trellis or Pergola is a structure with columns or posts that support a latticed roof. When vines are planted beside the trellis and trained to climb up the posts, the leaves or flowers eventually form a natural roof that provides both beauty and shade. A trellis can be placed over a footpath, in a garden, or near the house. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be custom built by a Pergola Company Carmel Indiana, for example.

There are many small touches that can greatly improve a backyard landscape design. With just a little effort, homeowners can make the most of their outdoor space.